We all have to face it. The DMW. It is a part of our lives. We all have a memory of going to the DMW. I should say all of us, “Pre Uber Generation,” have a memory of going to the DMV.
At 16, going to the DMV and getting your drivers license was a right of passage. Now a decade or so( Hint- I don’t want to tell you my age) later, it was time for me to go in and renew my license at the DMV.

The DMV is a necessary evil. I have to say, this time was not so bad.
As I looked around , it was so interesting to watch people.
The older senior couple all dressed up because this was their outing for the day.
The 16 years old girl smiling from ear to ear waiting for her driving test.
The people walking from person to person asking what window they should go to because they are confused.
As I look around, I heard my number being called. It was my turn to fill out the paperwork and take the eye test. Last but not least, I had to fill out my new address, my new name ( I went back to my maiden name) and take a new picture.

As part of the new license you have to sign your name. You sign you name on this pad that traces your name for your new license. After I signed , The clerk angrily says to me “ You need to sign your name within lines!“ I looked at him and began to day dream. I began to think to myself, “I did stay within the lines! I stayed within the lines and followed the “ right” path. I was a good daughter. I was an honor student. Always had a job. I had a boyfriend for 8 years and waited until he was ready to get married. I was a good wife and mother. I built a career to support my family. And here I sit – in the midst of a divorce, in debt, cheated on, alone, bouncing my first check since I was 19 years old.

As I began to focus back on the man at the DMW telling me to follow within the lines, I took a deep breath because I needed to ensure that my inside voice didn’t become an out side voice. I knew this conversation could go sideways really quick and it would have ended up on You tube with someone’ s cell phone footage. Another deep breath, and I said, “ Yes, you are right. I will do it over.”
And with that:
A new license
A new address
My own name
A chance to do it over.