As the summer comes to a close, and fall starts to set in, so does fog.
When I see the fog, it makes me reflect on when someone used “I am in a fog,” as a reason to walk out.
There are two definitions is the dictionary of Fog.
1. A thick cloud of tiny water droplets suspended in the atmosphere that restricts visibility.
2. Something that obscures and confuses a situation or someone’s thought processes.
I had to look it up because he told me that he was ” in a fog and didn’t know what he wanted.” When I tell people that, including my therapist, they say, “What does that mean?”
To be honest, I still don’t know what being in a “fog “means.
When the weather man reports, doesn’t he warn you about fog coming?
Doesn’t he tell you “warning, proceed with caution? Look out.
There was no weather man warning with this “fog.”

How do you start to go into a fog and not warn anyone?
How do you use this as an explanation of feelings after 24 years together?
If driving into a fog, you have a passenger that is there to help.
Was the fog the other women?
Was the fog the financial deception?
What was foggy about us building a life together?
What was foggy about me building my life around you?
What was foggy about the dreams of our life together?

At the end of the definition of fog, it states:
Fog typically comes with cold are is packing a powerful punch.
It does and did.

So now, I am in a “fog”.
My “fog” is what is ahead of me.
What does my life look like alone?
What does my daughter think of all this?
What will my career look like now?
Dating- that is a fog all in itself.
The difference with this fog is that I see the sunlight peeking through.