I have a roommate, of sorts- the woman down the hall. She is a quiet, simple woman. Here is what I know about her:

She is from Waco, Texas.
She stays in her room and watches tv most every day.
She watches news, talk shows, old movies, and sitcoms from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s.
You know when these shows are on because you can hear her laugh uncontrollably at Flip Wilson, Carol Burnett, or Bill Cosby.
She has not dated in about 30 years.
She lives off of social security.
She snores when she sleeps.
She only talks about the weather, the news, and her church.
She doesn’t have friends or family that visit.
Her activities consist of: taking her granddaughter to and from school, going to church, and attending doctor appointments.
She has a dog that her daughter gave her. She holds the dog awkwardly and talks to him a lot.
She told me she saw her brother die when, at age 10, he was run over by a car.
She told me that she was a “surprise ” child to her parents, and that her father left after she was born.
She picked cotton in the fields of Texas when she was young.
She told me when she was young, her family would go to town and sit in their car while watching people shop and walk up and down the street.
She told me she likes playing dolls with her granddaughter because as a little girl in Texas, she would play alone under her house.
She moved to California in the late 60’s because of civil rights demonstrations and social unrest.
She married a Vietnam vet, and they adopted a girl. When her daughter was 3, they eventually got a divorce because of abuse.

The woman down the hall is my mom.
This is all I know about her.
I don’t think I will ever know more than the above, but I have to accept it for what it is.
It will never be more.
She doesn’t know how to give more.
I have asked for more but never got it.
She saved me by adopting me but doesn’t know I need to be saved now. I need a mom/friend now.
So for Mother’s day, I will be the opposite of what I grow up with. I will look at my daughter’s smile, kiss her, tell her I love her and hug her.

Happy Mother’s Day