The Push Mower-

Have you ever used a push mower? Does anyone even know what a push mower is?
I used a push mower when my mom and I lived in LA and in the Valley. When I was young, it was powerful. The ability to have the power and strength to push something to have great results. Even when I was little, I wanted results.
The Push mower is by far an amazing piece of equipment. You don’t need the gasoline to achieve your results. It is solely your work, sweat and tears to make your lawn look great. At 10 years old, it was an amazing feeling, but when you are over 40 and have bought a used push mower with your unemployment money, it takes on a whole different meaning.
Realizing I was going to be getting a divorce, I began to go down the path of cutting expenses, the Gardner had to go. Mowing the lawn in The Valley heat was not something I would have ever imagined I would do, but things change. People change as they move through life.
It was Sunday, and my friends dropped off the mower. Purchased for $40 dollars!
My mom, my daughter, and I stood around it. Three generations of women stood together and tried to figure out how to use it. Eventually, my 75 year old mom began to show us. She smiled and cut two rows of grass. I cut a row and then my daughter said,” I want to do it! I want to do it!” She finished the rest of the lawn.
We then decided what day would be set aside for our gardening and what work we would do.
Gardening day begun.
The three of us discovered that day we had the strength to make life happen and that we didn’t need a man.
That felt good , yet I still reflect upon the fact that one man’s decision to not communicate and, ultimately, to walk out on his wife and family impacted 3 generations of woman on that day. What kind of person/man could be comfortable with that? How can he look in the mirror?
When I thought about it further, it occurred to me that there were three generations of women standing around a mower, and each of us experienced having our fathers leave us.
It was something I had never reflected upon until…..The Push Mower.

Photo Credit: flyhoof via Compfight cc